Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Basketball Pictures Update

Hello Everyone -

Well it hard to believe we are done with basketball. :(

It just seemed like we got started and it was over.

I will be posting the last of our pictures this weekend. That will include the images of the individual and team shots.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful summer.


Coach Stough

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Game # 7 Hightlights

Game # 7 we'll go down as the best example of a group of individuals working together as a team.

Though we lost by more than 15 points, our team really WORKED HARD on this game and worked well together.

The only reason for the lost was the other team had some really good outside shooters that our height could not stop, and they had a little luck too.

But this game was just down right exciting from beginning to end. Both Jack, Jenna, Brooke, Jesse, Nathan, and Aubri performed some incredible defense and didn't give up.

Chennedy, Brittany, and Andrew worked their hardest to rebound and get the ball into the basket.

It was a true team effort!!! BRAVO CRUSH!!!

We look forward to our last game when we face the first team we played at the beginning. We are looking forward to showing them our stuff now.

- Coach Stough

Game # 6 Highlights

In Game # 6 we struggled in the first period, but the team didn't give up and began to pull together to where we were within 6 points of pulling ahead.

Unfortunately, the other team got some lucky shots and pulled ahead.

We struggled in that we had some players missing this time, but those that could play - held tight and fought to the end.

By the end you could tell the few we had that could play were getting worn. They heald tight and didn't give up.

This was probably our roughest team we had played - with a few scuffs and bruses.

The team worked hard and learned a lot.

The three with the highest points was: Jenna, Jack, and Andrew.

- Coach Stough

Game #5 Highlights

First, I am sorry I have gotten behind in posting. I will also be providing pictures down the road.

We were a little worried that for game #5 we would face the privious team for a 3rd time, but that was not the case.

We had all our team back except one, but the team really shined. We held the score within 15 points.

Considering our team is brand new and some of our players are still learning - this group did awesome.

Andrew scored the majority of our points in this game, but it wasn't without great help from Jenna, Brooke, and Jack our point guards that got the ball moving to the sweet spot.

The team is truly beginning to jell!!!

- Coach Stough

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our New Crush Player

We have a new addition to the CRUSH family.

My wife gave birth to our new baby girl: Emmaline Ruth Stough (aka. Emma Roo)

She was born on April 15, 2009 at 10:02 AM

Weight: 9lbs 2.5 oz
Height: 20 inches

Both Tona and Emma are doing fine!

She is a total blessing!!!

Here are some pictures...

Game # 4 Highlights

Well after an exciting Game #3, we were not scheduled to play that team again. Well for game # 4, due to a schedule error we did!

This time we dominated the 1st period.... We only allowed 10 points compared to the 40 points we allowed last time.

Our team really rallied together for this game and the final score was Crush: 8 / Visitors: 30

Now that sounds like a blow out - but understand that the other team has been together for several seasons and they TOWER over our team in age, height, and number of players.

You compare this score to last week and we did much better. Also, if our shots would have fallen there would have been less of a spread in score - maybe only about 10 points.

We excuted better offense and defense. It was clear by the period 3 and 4 our team of 7 was getting tired - but they didn't give up. The CRUSH fought hard.

We we play with the same amount of focus and determination with all 10 players back - we will be much stronger.

See you this coming Saturday...

- Coach Stough

Monday, April 13, 2009

Game # 3 Highlights

Well this day started with quite an adventure. It started with rain and went on from there.

We had one player that was going to be out of town and 2 possibly 3 players that were ill.

We arrived for our game feeling a little apprehensive in that after a GREAT practice we were walking into this game with at least a third of our team inoperable.

Well our heart fell even more when we saw the SIZE of the players of the opposing team. It was truly going to be a David vs. Goliath situation, except we were not able to use rocks!

Well I must say that even though we had to improvise for each period with only 6 players to rotate, I saw our team SHINE!!!

Even though we were truly out played, due to our size and years of experience - WE PLAYED WITH HEART!!!

It was a rush from beginning to end and the players and fans didn't give up.

Needless, to say we didn't win according to the scoreboard, but in our hearts we did. We even had the coach from the other team congradulate us on our determination to keep trying.

The team truly played with heart and as a team....I was truly proud of their effort.

Both our point guards: Brooke and Jenna showed incredible courage as they would often face opposing players much larger than them. They were often doubled teamed - but that didn't stop them.

Bravo!!!!! to team Crush.

- Coach Stough